Don’t Look Back In St. Anger: Watch Metallica cover Oasis in Manchester


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. And when in Manchester, act like a Gallagher brother.

That’s the advice Metallica received over the weekend, when they busted out a cover of Oasis’ Britpop anthem “Don’t Look Back In Anger” during their show Saturday night (October 28) at Manchester Arena. Of course, we’re taking liberties with the use of “cover” here, as it’s mainly just bassist Robert Trujillo and guitarist and Peabody Essex Museum curator Kirk Hammett holding it down while an arena full of Mancs provide the vocals.

Which is a shame, because we really could have gone for James Hetfield’s Noel Gallagher impersonation.


Even still, it’s a nice rendition, and true to the heart of those in Manchester, who have adopted the song as an unofficial anthem and point of pride after Ariana Grande’s May show at the arena was bombed by terrorists.

Watch clips from Metallica’s sing-along below, the first courtesy of drummer Lars Ulrich.

[h/t NME; photos via screengrab]