New Sounds: Your boy Dom is back with a fresh jam that’s dirty as hell



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Look, we didn’t think we’d wake up to a new track from your boy Dom this morning but here we are.


And we’re not really interested in context or backstories for the purpose of this post. Yeah yeah, we all know and love the dude’s indie hits from a million years ago when we were all young and free, jams like “Living In America” and “Burn Bridges” that fueled our late-night blog orgies, and we think he changed his name to Kiss 108 at some point and put out a techno record, and there were rumors he was back living in Massachusetts like when it all began.

We don’t know, and our fact-checking department took the day off, so we’re just gonna steam ahead and marvel a the fact that on October 26, 2017 we got a new track from the man, and this damn track is dirty as hell.

The song is called “Gud Tyme,” it’s a motherfucking rumbler, and those synth lines in the chorus might owe a beer or two to The Cleaners From Venus’s lost 1982 post-punk joint “Only a Shadow”. This is fucking alright.


Dom says he shot the video for zero money on an iPhone, and that’s cool, too. Watch it below, and raise a glass to the dude who still knows how to write a certified jam. Yeah, it’s so sexy.