Celebrate #Halloweekend in ghoulish style at The Coolidge’s 12-hour ‘Horror Marathon’


Sing it with us, people: It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

That’s right, it’s Halloween weekend — or #Halloweekend — and while everybody else is gonna get drunk as fuck and embarrass themselves in their sexy Jabberjaw costumes, you have the opportunity to do something truly awesome this weekend. The Coolidge Corner Theatre’s putting on their yearly Halloween Horror Marathon, featuring a whole night’s worth of creepy entertainments and genre delights.

As always, there’s bound to be some crazy-ass live music, an intense costume contest that somehow manages to get more and more ridiculous each and every year, delicious burritos on sale for your drunken enjoyment, and 12 hours of excellent horror movies to fully fuck-up your circadian rhythm before the start of the work week. Seriously, though, this is one of the greatest annual film events anywhere in the damn country, and it shouldn’t be missed, even if you have to wuss out after the first two movies. You’re unlikely to find a warmer and weirder crowd in all of New England, and it’s a true paradise for horror heads.


A word of advice: We recommend you get your tickets as early as possible (especially because this event is always in danger of selling out, and we also suggest you get there at least an hour early, as the line for this thing can get really crazy. Though there’s no bad seat in the Coolidge’s largest theater, it’s still a pain in the ass being stuck far away from your friends and sitting next to a drunk-ass motherfucker dressed as Marty McFly who’ll pass out midway through the first movie and snore until some punk nearby decides he needs to wake him up.

As for the like-up, the only two announced so far are the late George A. Romero’s masterpiece Night of the Living Dead, which is always a delight to watch and its top-of-the-bill position even more fitting in the year that we lost him, and Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2, which is one of the most gore-filled films you’ll ever get the chance to see in a theater (and it’s also a pseudo-sequel to Romero’s own Dawn of the Dead. Seriously, this is a movie in which a zombie fights a shark, so you really won’t want to miss that.


All films screened will be shown on 35mm, which is dope as fuck, and you’re guaranteed to have programming all the way through until noon the next day, when all the real undead are doing their walk of shames back home.

What’s not to love?

‘HALLOWEEN HORROR MARATHON 2017’ :: Saturday, October 28 at The Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St. in Brookline, MA :: 11:59 p.m., all ages, $25 to 30 :: Advance tickets :: Facebook event page :: Still taken from MoviestillsDB