Live Review: Aminé emerges into headliner status at The Paradise


Aminé’s brand of fun is the kind that evokes feel-good vibes from even the most modest of spectators. His debut album, July’s Good For You, is equally as jovial as it is audibly cohesive; tracks fit into each other seamlessly and despite their transparency still serve as an exhilarating party soundtrack.

Born Adam Aminé Daniel, the 23 year old lyrically examines his own insecurities even in the midst of finding true love — despite how fleeting it is. As a result, his live show reinforces the notions of self-appreciation as well as camaraderie in the simplest of terms.

His sold out Paradise Rock Club show last Thursday night (October 19) was both high energy and high stakes; this is Aminé’s very first headlining tour (alongside Chicago rapper Towkio) and proof that he rightfully deserves his slot on this year’s XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class. From “Veggies” to “Turf” to “STFU” to “Sundays,” he used the space between songs to fill with flickers nostalgic remnants of pop culture which included his covers of Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” and TLC’s “No Scrubs.”

He also managed to fit in anecdotes of affirmation throughout his set as well. “This is what we like to do at our shows,” he eagerly explained. “Everyone is fine so when I say you’re beautiful, you say I know.” This call-and-response would take place sporadically during the night with Aminé’s humorous exterior falling away when he opened up about his personal doubts, the women that rejected him, the uncertainty that success would ever come.

But his tale of triumph would make for amusing fodder for both Good For You and the performance of it. “Spice Girl,” which aptly used the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” as both lyrical inspiration and a sample, livened up the all ages room. For “REDMERCEDES,” the red stage lights flashed like sirens and prompted the type of raunchy moves that Aminé couldn’t help but notice as he remarked “ya’ll over here dancing from the bay and shit… that shit is crazy!”

But for “Caroline,” his last song of the evening, Amine requested that everyone in attendance pull out the flashlights on their phones and wave them as they sang their hearts out — and we did so without a worry or care in the world.

Featured photo by Candace McDuffie; follow her on Instagram @cmcduffie1.