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Goin’ Ape: Jim Gaffigan recording his latest stand-up special at The Wilbur


An ape is loose in Boston this week — but don’t worry, it’s a Noble Ape.

And with that, there’s some good news, and there’s some bad news.

The good news is that Grammy-nominated comedian Jim Gaffigan is bringing his international Noble Ape tour to The Wilbur Theatre for six shows starting tonight (October 18) through Saturday (October 21). These Boston appearances will provide the platform for his sixth stand-up special, and his second special shot at The Wilbur. (His fourth taped special, Obsessed, was shot at the theatre in 2014.)


The bad news, aside from the Saturday shows being exclusive to a 21-plus crowd, is that each of the six appearances featuring Gaffigan and his brand of considerably clean comedy are completely sold out.

While Gaffigan has been hush-hush about his decision to return to Boston to shoot his next special and just what, exactly, we can expect, themes in his previous specials indicate a good chance that material pertaining to his family and his overall pale appearance, as well as his mounting amusement with culinary downfalls (remember the Hot Pocket sketch?) will be in available in healthy doses. And we’re eager to hear all this new ape-themed material.

Comics like Norm Macdonald, Dana Carvey, Gary Gulman, Jim Jefferies, Craig Ferguson, and others have all recorded high-visibility specials at The Wilbur, and it’s pretty cool that Gaffigan makes a return to do a second engagement at the Tremont street comedy cathedral within the past 10 years.


For those who couldn’t get their hands on tickets for this week’s mini-residency, but still want to experience Gaffigan’s astoundingly relatable comedy, his newest special, Cinco, is available to stream right now on Netflix. And he’ll be making an appearance at Comics Come Home at TD Garden on November 18.