New Sounds: The Naked and Famous turn back time with ‘A Still Heart’


Before turntables, DJs, and electronic music made their formal introduction in the music industry, everyone called mixing two or more songs together a “medley,” a phenomenon you only see nowadays in late night specials and Grammy memorial performances. In an era of re-packaged and re-purposed music, oversaturated with scores of remixes for any given Top 40 hit, medleys almost feel like a dying art form in 2017.

That’s why The Naked and Famous are here to keep them alive.

Four years after releasing Like Rolling Waves, the the New Zealand group’s sophomore album, The Naked and Famous have debuted a mashup of “A Stillness” and “Hearts Like Ours” in a track named “A Still Heart.” It’s a bit of an acoustic time capsule, harkening back to 2013 and skipping over material from 2016’s Simple Forms, the group’s most recent record.


Together with their official release of an unplugged version of “Higher,” the tunes are the start of the group’s “stripped” series, which will eventually be complied on an LP of the same name.

We can only hope that a remake of the group’s OG hit “Young Blood” makes the final cut for the album, but enjoy this step back in time below while you wait:

Featured photo by Chad Kamenshine.