Event page promoting an In-N-Out Burger pop-up in NYC has people shook


Life moves pretty fast. In-N-Out Burger’s migration east does not.

So it’s no surprise that on Saturday night a Facebook event page promoting an In-N-Out pop-up location in New York City for October 27 to 29 blew up nearly instantly. In less than 24 hours, more than 6,700 people RSVP’d to the alleged burger party at 92 Crosby St. in SoHo, with more than 25,000 others “Interested.” Many people in the comments were those all around the Northeast suddenly looking into traveling to NYC for the weekend.

The event, created by a group called NYC Pop-Ups, promises free burgers and hats to all who show up. And hey, there was an In-N-Out pop-up in Zurich over the summer, sooooo anything is possible, right?


“In-N-Out Burger is coming to NYC for a limited time!” reads the event description. “Join us and enjoy quality burgers made from fresh, never frozen ingredients from the In-N-Out Popup in SoHo! Free hat and NYC edition t-shirt for all attendees while supplies last.”

There’s even a schedule of each day’s events, with the “opening party,” complete with live music and special guests, happening October 27; some sort of art exhibit runs all day October 28; and October 29 hypes “Burgers all day, music all night.”

“We suggest arriving early,” writes NYC Pop-Ups, “as we anticipate a large attendance.”


And for good reason, as the closest we here on the East Coast have to In-N-Out is the Western chain’s 35 Texas locations. There are plenty of In-N-Outs in Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and its home base of California, but nothing east of Kansas City. We are desperate for In-N-Out on this side of the country.

Of course, this whole thing seemed like one giant hoax (nevermind that NYC Pop-Ups has only 217 likes on Facebook), and In-N-Out’s social media team has been fielding plenty of questions about it on a suddenly busy weekend. Many are posting on the event page In-N-Out’s personal responses, and we are sorry to report this whole thing has been a massive fake-out.

“We are aware of the event you shared but assure you that In-N-Out Burger is not doing any events in New York,” writes a rep named Aimee (poor Aimee). “Sorry for any confusion.”


Now people in the event page’s comments are pissed.

“Fuck you to the shitty asshole that created this event,” writes Rayne Dominic Valentine. “What a piece of garbage.” Adds Kathleen Ó Conbhuidhe: “I hate fraudulent assholes.”

We’ll see what actually shows up at 92 Crosby St. in a few weeks, but it certainly won’t be In-N-Out. Luckily, there’s probably a Shake Shack nearby anyway.


Featured In-N-Out photo by Jess Sawrey, via Wiki Commons.