[Press] Play Ball: Here’s every song request performed on organ at Fenway Park this year


While Red Sox fans are taking their minds off the team’s early playoff ouster by debating whether or not Fenway Park’s nightly “Sweet Caroline” sing-along should be replaced with the late Tom Petty’s tune “I Won’t Back Down”, some other Fenway Park music news is making the rounds on social media.

Josh Kantor, the organist for the Boston Red Sox, shared a tweet on Tuesday (October 10) that compiled every single Twitter request he performed this year at Fenway Park. And there were a lot.

“Having the best job sometimes means having the weirdest job. Here are the song requests I played at Fenway in 2017,” he writes on twitter, attaching a list of the hundreds of song titles he whipped out at this year’s Sox games.


It’s an impressive list.

As you can see, the ballpark heard a pretty wide range of tunes this year, from Queen to Phish to 50 Cent to Neil Young. There’s copious amounts of Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, and naturally, The Beatles, with a few out-of-left-field requests mixed it (we’re looking at you, Ginuwine).

We also spy some groups local to Boston on the list; The Cars, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and J. Geils band all represent the home turf.

Kantor busted out so many hits in 2017, he might be asked to bat cleanup next season.


Featured image via @jtkantor.