New Sounds: Long Time show strength in a trio’s numbers on ‘Never Alone’



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It’s been said that death comes in threes, but Boston-based power rock trio Long Time have breathed a bit of new life into our music scene. The emotionally-driven gust comes in the form of their debut full-length album, Never Alone, which drops Friday (October 13) via Medical Records and is available to stream a day early via Vanyaland.

Long Time vocalist/guitarist Thomas John Cadrin, bassist Colin Dinnie, and drummer Andrew Nault assemble here with such musical prowess and intricate execution of instinct that it comes as some sort of a relief that what was once only intended to be a one-off studio jam session has evolved into a powerful display of kinetic musicianship, aural precision, and lyrical poetry.

The emotion of the album is palpable, with introspective lyrics and haunting riffs, at times both droning and face-melting, and that emotion can be felt just as much as it can be heard coming from the voice of Cadrin. Even while employing flavors of their musical influences, Long Time have presented their own unique, unpredictable sound; soulful guitar solos, creeping basslines and assertive-yet-periodically-frantic drumming, all artistically mashed together to create exciting, thought-provoking rock and roll.

The eight-track, 32-minute effort opens with a simmering build-up on “River,” then progresses with a well-balanced dose of chaos (“Separation” and “Spoken Ghost”) and their ability to integrate the art of imagery (“Chosen Disease”). The hustle that is instilled in Long Time, both as individual musicians and as a group, ensures that Never Alone has the ability to bring any musical empathizer on a rollercoaster ride of emotion, with a significant amount of listener satisfaction earned along the way.

The trio celebrates the release of Never Alone with a show Saturday (October 14) at The Outer Space in Hamden, Connecticut. In the meantime, immerse yourself with Long Time’s knack for smart, calculated intensity below.

Featured Long Time photo by Reid Haithcock.