Off To The Races: Lana Del Rey indulges in LA living in ‘White Mustang’ video

Since her brash “gangster Nancy Sinatra” debut in 2012, Lana Del Rey has been roping in attention by conflating every American archetype with a lusty air of mystery; all while never revealing all that much about herself, even when she’s bumping elbows with the press (see: SPIN’s “Lana Del Rey interview about nothing”).

Parsing between lyrics about beaches, peaches, and Hollywood, the best way to glimpse into the starlet’s life has always been to drink in the vintage hues of her music videos, the only time she’s ever willing to humor the general population about those sugar daddy trysts and psychedelic drug-fueled escapades to which she’s always alluding.

While her new music video for “White Mustang” is more of the same (except for that fact that her love interest this time around actually seems younger than she is), it’s perfectly acceptable because we aren’t getting another neon-lights sneak peek at her love life until she decides on her next single or rolls out another album.

“White Mustang” is the second music video from Del Rey’s current Lust for Life era, the first being the cheery and spaced-out video accompanying “Love”, which dropped earlier this year.

Watch Del Rey commandeer this dude du jour and then speed of in her usual ’70s-chic garb in the “White Mustang” vid below. Bonus points if you waltz along with her at the end of the video.