New Sounds: Dirty Fences throw the best party of the year in video for ‘Teen Angel’


We’ve long admired the non-casual roll of New York City garage rock dudes Dirty Fences, who play a gritty kind of musical fervor that’s an instant party on whatever stage they come across. Now as we set sail across the Atlantic for an every-night European tour that concludes just before Halloween, they’ve offered up a video for “Teen Angel”, a blitz of guitar-rock bombast that descends on the coolest freakshow of the year. There’s even a Hustler magazine involved, so it’s also making us nostalgia for our youth spent lost deep inside comforting wooded areas of Long Island.

The video, which you can watch below, was directed and produced by Ryan “Weibs” Weibust and Chris “Manute” Shonting, and shot at Universal Studios, 26 Park Street, in Brooklyn. As appropriate, there’s even a BBQ at the end of the clip, because even teenage angels have to eat.

“Teen Angel” is the first track off Dirty Fences’ new album, Goodbye Love, due October 27 via Greenway Records. We don’t think Dirty Fences are playing Boston any time soon, but we’ll let you know when they do. In the meantime, we’ll all just have to live inside this video or go on Kayak to find a cheap flight to Europe.


Featured Dirty Fences photo by Justin Aversano, via Facebook.