‘We did it, we made it’: Nobody cherished the solar eclipse more than Sarah Jessica Parker


Pretty much all of America spent a good part of Monday afternoon staring up into the sun, trying to catch a safe glimpse of the solar eclipse. Opinions on the crescent-shaped sun, which peaked around 2:46 p.m. here in Boston, ranged from “Oh that’s cool” to “meh whatever.”

But no one appreciated the solar eclipse quite like Sarah Jessica Parker, who took to Instagram to give us commentary that puts the double rainbow guy to shame.

In fact, Parker’s commentary from South Carolina reads like poetry, so we’ll transcribe it so you can read along with the video below. Get ready to hear these words sampled in pretty much everything from now until whenever the hell the next one of these rolls back into our lives.


Sarah Jessica Parker, “Eclipse 2017”
“We did it.
We made it.
Oh my god,
We saw it.
Matthew, yes, exactly,
It’s so humbling.
It’s so

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Here’s some more commentary from Parker, via her Insta

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The thrills of eclipse chasing ! First sighting. Chip out upper right! Don't look without glasses! Someone took a bite out of the cookie!


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