Studio 52 Featured Band of the Week: Long Time


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Studio 52 Spotlight: Long Time

What Studio 52 Says: After taking time to quietly record an album last winter, Boston power rock trio Long Time re-emerge to continue the endeavor they started with the release of their first EP Worth back in fall 2015. The band released the official music video for their new song “River” yesterday, as well as revealed the details of the new record. Titled Never Alone and set for release on Friday, October 13, the album is shaping up to be the group’s magnum opus. The evidence of such can be found in the new track, which edges out the jazzier aspects of their previous releases to make more room for straight-up rock and roll. Bassist Colin Dinnie describes the full-length as a “true collective effort… a lot more aggressive, concise, and more deliberate” than their past offerings. That leaves much to look forward to, as the talent that oozes from the fingertips of each member makes the three of them seem a hundred. With each piece of the song fitting together like a puzzle, it culminates in an immense and boisterous outro that left us stunned upon first listen (and the innumerable ones after). Check out the video below to experience “River” in its magnificence, and don’t forget to grab a ticket to see Long Time perform a victory march back to stage on Sunday (August 27) at Brighton Music Hall in Allston alongside Haken and Sithu Aye. — Andrew Maroney, Studio 52

YouTube:: Long Time on YouTube

Bandcamp:: https://longtime.bandcamp.com

Next Show: August 27 at Brighton Music Hall in Allston:

Instagram: @longtime_ma

Twitter: @procollective

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