Hey so this new Selena Gomez video is pretty weird, huh?


Selena Gomez has gifted us with a handful of hyper-sexualized bangers in her post-Disney years, but when the starlet debuted her new single “Fetish” featuring Gucci Mane earlier this month, she dared to push the bar from “sexy” to “taboo.”

After debuting a clip of Gomez lip-syncing the song, complete with lip quivers, lip-biting, and other orally fixated gestures, the official music video for “Fetish” dropped today — and it makes it abundantly clear that Gomez might not have a very firm grasp on what a fetish is.

Much like the lyrics of the song, the video doesn’t reflect actual fetishes at all, but rather portrays a suburban-housewife-gone-mad situation, with Gomez hurling groceries across the kitchen, tearing her stockings, and mashing hot pink lipstick on her teeth. In the grand finale, she picks up bar of soap with her delicately gloved hand and takes a chomp out of it.


The video is unorthodox for sure, but it’s not going to end up on the dark web anytime soon — although someone, somewhere with a thing for eyelash curlers is going to be really pleased when they see Gomez use one on her tongue. Someone get a producer of MTV True Life on the phone.

Watch Gomez make a mess out of her kitchen below.