Watch Taraji P. Henson kick all sorts of ass in the trailer for Boston-set ‘Proud Mary’


Hot off the presses and fresh for your pleasure comes a badass trailer for the Taraji P. Henson action vehicle Proud Mary, which has our interest in a vice in a warehouse in East Boston and is slowly twisting it (help please).

We’ve known deep down inside that we’ve wanted to see her kick some actual ass outside of laying into motherfuckers on Empire and breaking down the racial barriers in films like Hidden Figures, and we’re glad to find out that Screen Gems read our minds. It’s awesome, we get to see her do it in our own backyard of Boston, and we only wish Isaac Hayes or James Brown were around to score it.

Check it:


Whoo boy, god bless ‘em. We’re so ready for her to be James Bond now. It’s a bit weird that they’re using the Creedence song, but whatever! We’re just excited to see something being done for women in action films, finally. It’s been what, 14 years since Kill Bill? You gotta be kidding us, world. And we can do better than Atomic Blonde.

Here’s a synopsis, one that frankly has us a bit worried, actually: “A contract killer’s life is upended when she meets a young boy who awakens a dormant maternal instinct within her.”


Try to relax a bit after seeing that trailer, because we have time until its release — Proud Mary hits theaters January 12, 2018.