Dumps Like A Truck: Here’s a new EDM version of Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’ because whatever

Sisqo’s classic single “Thong Song” was released in the last century, and still somehow (kinda) holds up. So it’s safe to say that we probably don’t need a reboot of the famed booty track, let alone an EDM version that sounds like a few years ago, but hey — that’s what we’re getting this week.

Teaming with Norwegian trio JCY — that’s pronounced juicy — Sisqo has updated his hit with a bit more modern flair, and you can experience it for yourself below.

“I’ve been asked so many times over the years to make a new version of ‘Thong Song’ and I have declined every time until I heard the new version that JCY did,” Sisqo tells Buzzfeed. “I thought it was dope and figured maybe it was time to put some new rims on the Bugatti.”

Ahhh yes. New rims for all.

[Photo via YouTube/screengrab.]