Paws And Effect: First Caturday feline hangout coming to Boston Common


UPDATE, August 3: This weekend’s First Caturday has been postponed to Sunday, August 6, because of the threats of rain, according to the event’s Facebook page. Caturday on Sunday, that’s right! For those who can’t make it this weekend, another is planned for Saturday, September 2.


Our original post is below…

One of the great things about owning a cat is that it usually doesn’t judge you when all you want to do come Saturday is binge Netflix, order delivery, and veg out on the coach all day with the lights off and the blinds closed. More often than not, the kitty is right there with you, and as long as you pull up “Party At The Snow Hole” or “String String Thing” on the iPad, everyone in the room is blissfully entertained for the day.

But, like in most relationships, there comes a time when one of you wants to go out. You want to go socialize, maybe meet someone new. Your cat wants to go hunt, maybe enjoy the grass and the sunshine. Rarely does an opportunity present itself where both of you can explore the scary world out there, especially here in Boston.


Until meow.

First Caturday, a national group of feline enthusiasts who come together to host hang kitty sessions in the park, has organized an August 5 gathering on Boston Common, and everyone with (and without) a tail is invited.

Nope, we’re not kitten around.

“First Caturday is a day to reclaim the glory of the outdoors for our feline friends!” states the Facebook event page’s description (note: we’ve removed the excessive emojis — for journalism). “It is a day for delightful outdoor cat-napping and socializing. It is where we can freely exchange information, friendship, and joy to help make our cats happy and healthy.”


And as shown over the years at First Caturday’s public, outdoor kitty gatherings in Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, and Vancouver, they understand that all cats respond differently to this sort of thing.

“Some cats actually like leash walks, others stroller walks, and still others just to come to the park in their pet carriers to listen to the birds singing,” writes First Caturday. “It’s completely fine if a cat decides, nope, no park for me, please. Totally fine if a cat doesn’t like First Caturday and wants to go straight home. Or it’s completely fine if a cat decides to stay inside the pet-carrier and not come out on the leash. But if you try bringing your cat in one of these safe and supervised ways, you may find that your cat likes fresh air and the change of scenery. This is one more option to enrich your cat’s life. If you have a shy kitty, you can skip the big group, and just try sitting in your backyard with your cat in the carrier. With or without a cat, you’re welcome at #firstcaturday.”

First Caturday stresses that “this is an unofficial social gathering, organized only by cats,” and urges responsibility and maturity when bringing your cat to the park. Hit up First Caturday on Facebook for updates and some proof that these events have actually happened, and check out a few scenes from previous First Caturday socials via @firstcaturday.

Featured photo via First Caturday/Facebook.



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