Capital Cities’ new EP is everything we love about summer (and nothing we don’t)


For those space disco fans keeping track at home, it’s been three years since Capital Cities blessed us with their deliriously funky debut album In A Tidal Wave of Mystery. In the time between, we’ve gotten one (count ‘em, one) single, “Vowels,” which did little to tide us over in the ever-changing times of pop music.

But in these post-Fourth-of-July high temps, we can finally make amends; Capital Cities’ juicy new EP Swimming Pool Summer is a dribble-down-your-chin-good slice of summer that packs all the gaiety of hapless infatuation and midnight drives into five songs (and, coincidentally, leaves out the sting of rejection and insect bites that also ensue before August is over).

“I haven’t felt this in a while,” the duo confesses on the title track, the kind of line the rolls off your tongue as you pull down your shades and watch your attractive new neighbor walk by. The theme of lusty admiration slithers from track to track, from “I’m jumpin’ hoops and hoppin’ fences” on “Drop Everything” to “she was a masterpiece/A limited release” on “Drifting,” by far the best tune on the EP.

Rick Ross weasels his way into the seasonal mix on “Girl Friday,” and while the cameo doesn’t meld with Capital Cities’ funk-pop in the way that Andre 3000 did on “Farrah Fawcett Hair,” it still shakes up the mix of seasonal goodies.

On the title track, the pair lament that they “can’t escape the heat,” and after pressing play on this bad boy, neither can we. Because nothing says summer like a bikini-clad astronaut wrangling a sea creature on Mars, amirite? Check the four new tracks (and one remix) below, and add them to your poolside playlist.

Featured photo by Toby Giessen.