Break You Part Two: Sylvester Stallone reignites Rocky’s Cold War with ‘Creed 2’ teaser


Late last night, Sylvester Stallone dropped this fascinating and mouth-watering post on his Instagram account, featuring a potential scenario for Creed 2, in which Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) faces off against Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), the man who killed his father, in the ring.

Peep it:

Here's a chance to stretch your imagination Life can be a brutal cycle! … #creed2 # agentnickyc


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Whoo boy, Sly.


Why tease us like this?

Why do you have to do this to us?

Don’t get your hopes up yet, though. Given that Jordan and director Ryan Coogler are busy with Black Panther, it’s unlikely that we’re going to see a sequel anytime soon, unless Coogler hands over the reins to a potentially less-interesting director who might screw up everything that made the first one special (doesn’t that sound familiar, Rocky fans?). Hell, Stallone doesn’t even know if he’ll return for a second installment, though him actually seeing that paycheck might change his mind pretty quickly. So this is all just “fun,” at least until we hear from somebody else that this might be a thing.



Coogler and Jordan are at least thinking about a sequel, if this interview from a year ago is to be believed. And it’s great to imagine a roided-out Ivan Drago return to the stage to take on the son of the man he killed, coached by the man who ended his career as the Soviet champ. It’s hard to see the fall of communism playing out well for him, and there’s plenty of dramatic potential in that idea. We’re sure Dolph would be up for it, and given that he was one of the best parts of the whole Expendables series, it’s hard to argue that he wouldn’t have the chops for it anymore. Plus there was that whole “minor role in a Coen brothers movie” thing that happened in 2016, so you really never know!

All in all, it’s fun food for thought, just like Stallone probably intended it to be, a pre-Fourth set of blue balls for film twitter and fight fans everywhere. But one can’t help but wonder if this is a stealth pitch to prove to MGM that there’s an audience built in for this, much like the leaked Deadpool test footage did back in 2013, and maybe, just maybe…