New Sounds: Abadabad jangle up our Monday misery with ‘Feelings Gone’


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We’re barreling towards the mid-point of 2017, and we think everyone agrees that this year has been lacking in a few vital life categories, namely happiness, pleasure, and positivity. As someone on Twitter put it recently, Twenty Seventeen has been a great year — for crying alone in your car. Maybe the best year ever for that. Huge.

Of course, one of the best ways to combat the daily shitstorm of our modern day is to just go robot and lose all sense of feelings. We’re not sure that’s what Abadabad have in mind with their new song, “Feelings Gone”, and yeah sure we guess we could interview them and ask them about it, but it’s Monday and it’s hard to interview a band when you’re busy crying in a car all by your lonesome.

Anyway, 2017 wasn’t a total loss, as it brought us the return of the Massachusetts guitar-pop band back in February. And as Jeremy Lee and the boys lead up to the July 1 release of new record Touch The Feel, via Flesh Records, the long-awaited follow-up to 2012’s still-essential The Wild EP, they offer up the sparkling “Feelings Gone,” a quick little romp around the simple pleasures of life.

Abadabad describe the track as “a song about love, loss, hope & hopelessness.” It was recorded by Ian Doerr, Mark Leombruni, and Josh Northcutt; mixed by Mark Leombruni; and mastered at Machines With Magnets by Seth Manchester and Keith Souza. Listen to it below.