Khed N’ Play: Boston-based web series ‘The SetUp’ seeks willing participants

It’s cuffing season in Boston according to a new web series The SetUp, which is looking for participants from the area to let the network play matchmaker.

The details on the new project are sparse, but the creators are more than eager to hear about the details of your life; the application for the show, which is a four-page google doc, asks about everything from your religion (or lack thereof) and turnoffs to the best and worst dates you’ve ever gone on. And yes, you do have to include a link to a photo of yourself.

The most gulp-worthy question of the batch comes last: “If we put every person you ever dated in a room and asked them to agree on one word to describe you, they would say…”

So yeah, if you can stomach that bugger of a Q, then you pretty much deserve your 15 minutes of internet fame.

The statement at the beginning of the questionnaire reads: “Thank you for your interest in participating in our web series The SetUp about dating in Boston. We think you may be a good participant and would love to learn more about you. If chosen for this series we will set you up on a date as part of the program. Below are questions that will help us find the best match for you. Be honest and have fun! We look forward to learning more about you.”

Dig in and cross your fingers for the next Harvard millionaire.


Featured photo via Boston Wikipedia.