Hero Of The Day: Watch this old guy rock the eff out to Metallica in his car

Now that summer is here and it’s hot and disgusting outside, the real plague of modern society is upon us: People driving their cars with the windows down blaring god-awful bullshit music well within earshot of everyone around them.

This one old guy, however, DGAF what you think, and will drive around pumping out Metallica for the world to hear while he rocks the fuck out.

Posted to Reddit last night, Heavy Metal Grandpa — we’ll just call him that, to help with the inevitable endorsements — has the headbanging down, and his even got a few fist-pumps in as another driver captured the magic.

Our only wish is that this video was more than 10 seconds long, as we all have a bit of Heavy Metal Grandpa within us. Let’s hope he was on his way somewhere cool — and that he’s not just Johnny Knoxville in make-up punking the shit out of us all desperate for some inspiration in these depressing times.