Kingsley Flood’s Naseem Khuri serenades newborn daughter with terrifying folk lullaby


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For the most part, the songs young parents sing to their newborn children are usually lifted up with positivity, optimism, and all the eager potential of a life just starting out. But these are very dark times, and Kingsley Flood frontman Naseem Khuri has decided instead to deliver a cold (and yes, humorous) dose of real talk to his infant daughter, Zia Peri-Khuri.

In the video below, Khuri serenades Zia with a gentle acoustic folk number. The song’s lyrical content is a rather stern warning about the dangerous possibilities of the world ahead — aside from possibly seeing some spotted owls, which we’re glad Khuri predicts won’t actually go extinct. Topics include glaciers that have melted, Missouri’s new coastline, our Chinese administration, labor camps, and our newfound fluency in speaking Russian.

Na zdorovie!

“My wife and I recently welcomed a baby girl into the world,” writes Khuri on Facebook. “In a sleep deprived haze, I thought it appropriate to give her some tips on what she’s in for in this day and age. Here’s the song from our living room.”

Hey, at least there’s space travel to look forward to. We guess.

Kingsley Flood’s recent album, the excellent Another Other, came out last October. Revisit it here.