We’re here to tell you about this free Ice Cream Social + Petting Zoo pop-up in Allston

Let’s just get this all out of the way right at the top: A freakin’ petting zoo with free Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, free Gracie’s Ice Cream, and a craft beer cash bar from REVCO Revolution Catering is coming to Allston.


Continuum, that big-ass residential complex at 219 Western Ave. in Lower Allston, is hosting a free “Spring Break” party this Thursday (April 27), and the details are several shades of delicious. Let’s run through this again because obviously.

— Pet cute furry animals like goats and pigs and sheep and bunnies? Check.

— Stuff your pretty little pie hole with Roxy’s and Gracie’s?

— Drink up all the craft beers from REVCO? Check.

— Pet cute furry animals like goats and pigs and sheep and bunnies? Oops we already mentioned that!

Anyway, this looks like a hell of a way to spend a casual evening Thursday in late April, and the undercard features a DJ spinning tunes the entire time and some street games on South Campus Drive to break up the trips to the Roxy’s truck.

The party goes down from 6 to 9 p.m., is first come, first serve, and strictly restricted to those aged 21 and up (sorry kiddos, this time the adults get to play with furry little animals)  Get updates over at its Facebook page.

[Please note: The baby lamb in that featured photo may or may not actually be in attendance.]

Spring Break Isenberg