Photo of Morrissey in Boston helps send British teens to New York City



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A famed image of Morrissey posing on a Morrissey Boulevard street sign in Boston has helped seven British school children take a trip to New York City.


The photo, taken by Smiths drummer Mike Joyce sometime in the ’80s — we guess around the band’s June 1985 gig at the Opera House — has been printed on a yellow t-shirt with Joyce’s blessing and used to raise funs for students at the Salford Lads Club in Greater Manchester, England. The Salford Lads Club was famously photographed in The Smiths’ press images for iconic 1986 album The Queen Is Dead, and remains a center point for the band’s legacy.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the teenagers from the club flew to New York City to visit the Boys Club of New York and The Girls Club of Lower Eastside, and were due to catch a baseball and hockey game. Organizers printed 1,000 of the t-shirts, and sold them for £15 to cover the cost of the trip.

“We have had links with the Boys club of New York for over 10 years and the fundraising through our links with Manchester Music is a great way to make this a reality,” says organizer and fundraiser Leslie Holmes, via the Evening News. “New York is an amazing place to visit and I think our young people will take a great deal of inspiration from what they see and experience and the opportunities to meet teenagers from the city.”


The shirts were sold at the Salford Lads Club, and at a gig by Smiths tribute band The Smyths.

The image of Morrissey in Boston is the second photo to be used for a t-shirt fundraiser. Two years ago, shirts depicting Stephen Wright’s image of the Smiths outside the entrance arch of the Salford Lads Club raised profits of £43,000, equal to about $53,404 in U.S. currency.

See the current t-shirt below, courtesy of the Manchester Evening News:

Mox Blvd Man Evening News