New Sounds: Live every night like New Year’s Eve with Hundred Handed’s ‘Celebrate’

It takes a true party band to get invited to perform at Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve VIP Party. That’s how you know Hundred Handed is the real deal, and that their new video for “Celebrate” isn’t just another wannabe band’s attempt to make a party-pop hit.

“This Cuervo ain’t so classy” singer Jordan McGraw admits as he dumps his solo cup of tequila onto the floor in the “Celebrate” music video. You could call that reckless, but his subsequent liplocking with a mannequin easily outdoes it.

The Los Angeles-based trio released their video for “Celebrate” late last month, about a year after 2016’s EP Like It’s Saturday. With an ’80s-style campy lightshow and some snazzy special effects, the music video matches the entire vibe of the single: Jumpy, rapid-paced, and amped like a frat boy on a Friday (or should we say, a Saturday?). It’s the perfect follow-up to the tunes from last year’s EP, matching the goofy mentality of “I Feel like Sex” and the airy blithe of “Love Me Like the Weekend.”

“We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously… especially not on a night off,” the band tells Vanyaland. “‘Celebrate’ is our nod to all the house parties we weren’t supposed to throw when we were too young to be doing what we were doing at parties.”

You can peep the video below, just in case you feel like celebrating the weekend on hump day, or need a midweek pick-me-up.