New Sounds: The Chain Gang of 1974 go huge on ambitious new single ‘Wallflowers’


For the past decade or so, The Chain Gang of 1974 has been adeptly skilled at maintaining a rare freshness to its sound, and doing so in a way that kept each batch of new music’s release feel both oddly familiar but entirely unexpected.

Kamtin Mohager’s shape-shifting project is at it again with “Wallflowers,” a vibrant alt-pop explosion of a tune that would be a certified mainstream hit if we weren’t living in a world lived upside down.

But who knows, this is a sound needing to be heard, and it blends Mohager’s ace songwriting craftsmanship with his usually burning surrealist-pop-slash-synth-rock ambition. “Wallflowers” is the third single from The Chain Gang of 1974’s upcoming album FELT out June 23 via Caroline Records, and on it, Mohager worked with Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous.


“These songs represent me as a human being,” says Mohager in press notes. “They’re as honest than anything I have ever done in the past… I knew that in order for Chain Gang of 1974 to continue, I had to begin exploring new sounds, and to push my boundaries even further.”

FELT is shaping up to be something huge. Listen to “Wallflowers” below.