’90s Dance Party: DJ Knife drops a healthy alt-rock megamix for your next buzz bin rager



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Get Delia’s on the phone, because a new ’90s megamix is here to bring us all back to the last great decade.


Boston DJ Knife this week dropped his 40-song, hour-long ’90s alt-rock mix via Direct Music Service, and we’re sitting here drawing that weird “S” on our notebooks and busy trying to relearn how to fold paper notes with the top-corner pull tab.

Knife’s mix here is killer, using short edits, intros, and other cuts to craft a playlist that moves pretty fast, running through familiar sounds from Jane’s Addition, Toad The Wet Sprocket, James, Bush, Garbage, Collective Soul, Veruca Salt, Better Than Ezra, Sponge, and STP. What’s cool is that Knife used the actual recorded songs here, unlike some mixes that just rip the through beat-heavy, lyric-pushed remixes that are foreign, musically, to the track’s original feel.

And he’s even got Dishwalla up in this shit.


“I was an alt-rock kid during my early high school years,” Knife writes to Vanyaland. “I remember taping over hours of YO MTV Raps with 120 minutes, a decision that I regretted later on LOL… when I saw there were DJ edits of some of my favourite songs for this time period, it came together pretty naturally.”

Knife goes back to his usual catalog next Friday (March 31) with the Magic Dance Party 2 at ZuZu in Cambridge (details below), but in the meantime, relive a better time with all the jams you first made out to below.

1. (DJ Knife Intro)
2. “Possum Kingdom (Drew Pierce Short Edit)” – The Toadies
3. “Everything To Everyone (19Sixty Short Edit)” – Everclear
4. “Been Caught Stealing (Menegaux Short Edit)” – Jane’s Addiction
5. “Self Esteem (Quick Edit)” – The Offspring
6. “Right Here, Right Now – (Menegaux Short Edit)” – Jesus Jones
7. “Good (DONK Short Edit)” – Better Than Ezra
8. “Pretend We’re Dead” – L7
9. “I Think I’m Paranoid (Menegaux Short Edit)” – Garbage
10. “Glycerine (Jurd & DJ Snow ReDrum)” – Bush
11. “Laid (Fusemania Quick ReDrum)” – James
12. “Red Right Hand (Mojo Filter Carne Creep Out – VM Edit)” – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
13. “Buddy Holly (Short / Redrum)” – Weezer
14. “December (DONK Short Edit)” – Collective Soul
15. “All I Want (DONK Quick Edit)” – Toad The Wet Sprocket
16. “1979 (VM Short ReDrum)” – Smashing Pumpkins
17. “Dreams (Diggz Short Edit)” – The Cranberries
18. “Celebrity Skin (19Sixty Short Edit)” – Hole
19. “Seether (19Sixty Short Edit)” – Veruca Salt
20. “Longview (19Sixty Short Edit)” – Green Day
21. “Flagpole Sitta (Drew Pierce Edit)” – Harvey Danger
22. “No Rain (VM ReDrum)” – Blind Melon
23. “My Hero (ReDrum / Cutdown)” – Foo Fighters
24. “Plush (DONK Edit)” – Stone Temple Pilots
25. “Say It Ain’t So (Short Edit)” – Weezer
26. “Pepper (VM Quick Edit)” – Butthole Surfers
27. “In The Meantime (Rowshay Short Edit)” – Spacehog
28. “I Don’t Want To Wait (ReDrum / Super Short Edit)” – Paula Cole
29. “People Of The Sun (Drew Pierce Edit)” – Rage Against The Machine
30. “Hey Man Nice Shot (Snow & Bassix Short Edit)” – Filter
31. “When I Come Around (Super Short Edit)” – Greenday
32. “Father Of Mine (Flat Intro / Short Edit)” – Everclear
33. “Lightning Crashed (DONK Quick Edit)” – Live
34. “Counting Blue Cars (DONK Edit)” – Dishwalla
35. “Desperately Wanting (Short / ReDrum)” – Better Than Ezra
36. “Daughter (ReDrum / Short Edit)” – Pearl Jam
37. “Kiss Me (19Sixty Short Edit)” – Sixpence None The Richer
38. “I Swear It’s The Last Time (Flat Intro / Super Short Edit)” – Less Than Jake
39. “Disconnected (Short Edit)” – Face To Face
40. “Molly (Sixteen Candles) (ReDrum Intro)” – Sponge


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