The Prefab Messiahs’ drop anti-Trump video and single for ‘The Man Who Killed Reality!’



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Last night Donald J. Trump gave his joint address to Congress, and by the end, it was a joint the American people were scrambling for. This morning, the haze has barely subsided, but our vision becomes clearer with the colors and animation provided by psych-pop veterans The Prefab Messiahs and the Boston band’s new anti-Trump video and single, “The Man Who Killed Reality”.

It’s a bit “Sgt. Pepper,” it’s a bit “Paranoid Android,” it’s a bit of cruel modern-day reality.


“We didn’t have any interest in putting out an obvious PC political message song like cranky old folk singers — but here we all are, living this notion that predictable rules and standards are totally out the window,” says Prefab frontman and animator Xerox Feinberg. “It’s hard not to be angry and disgusted at the whole system. That sort of led to the main concept of ‘The Man Who Killed Reality.’ It’s about how there’s ‘no bottom’ to how far things can go, if there ever really was. Reality’s dead. The arrival of America’s First Mad President is just the pus coming out of the boil. Now please enjoy our catchy little psychedelic pop rock ditty!”

A new Prefab Messiahs album is due at some point, following up 2015’s Burger Records/Kids Like You And Me EP Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive. In the meantime, drown in the message below, and download the track via Bandcamp.