No, Justin Bieber didn’t pee his pants, he just spilled flower water on his ‘dick area’

Earlier this week the world turned its attention away from the latest global atrocity to wonder why, oh god why, Justin Bieber was seen walking around West Hollywood with a suspicious wet stain in the crotch area of his designer sweatpants.

Did Biebs pee his pants?

Why didn’t he clean it up?

At what point exactly did #JustinPeeber start trending?

A lot of questions, yet so few answers. But Biebs wasn’t sweating it, and even posted an image of himself side-by-side with Adam Sandler sporting a similar wet spot.

So what’s the deal, Biebs?

Turns out it the culprit wasn’t pee-pee, but instead a bit of flower water, which spilled on his groin while he was driving around. Stars — they’re just like us.

Bieber explained it all in a tweet last night, and meticulously Biebsplained the dampness in his “dick area.”

And hey fellas, with Valentine’s Day just last week, we can all relate to this snufu, right?

[h/t People]