Hindsight is 2017: Hinds design and launch clothing line with Urban Outfitters


Since Hinds aren’t coming to New England on their tour with Twin Peaks anytime soon, their new clothing line for Urban Outfitters may the closest you can get to their merch booth. Yesterday the Madrid-based band announced the launch of their exclusive collection for Urban Outfitters, which will be available in stores this Thursday (February 23).

Half of the proceeds from the clothing line will be donated to Attendance Records, a foundation that provides in-school art workshops where students can make their own albums and zines. Considering Urban’s hefty pricetags for most items, that 50 percent will most likely add up quickly.

The band has also booked two free shows to celebrate their new collection: One in Barcelona on Thursday, and another in New York City on February 28 at Space Ninety 8.


Hinds have not uploaded any images of the collection yet, but you can go hunting for their pieces at the Allston, Harvard Square, and Newbury Street locations starting this Thursday. Featured Hinds photo by Miqui Brightside.