Abadabad waltz back into our lives with a new LP and enchanting single ’10 Fingers’



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It’s kind of crazy to think that that Abadabad’s excellent EP The Wild came out five years ago this summer. Five years! That’s like 50 in indie rock years, but a lot has happened since then — to you, to me, to Brighton and yes, to Abadabad.


This morning, the one-time bedroom pop project from guitarist and vocalist Jeremy Lee Given has announced their debut long-player, a 10-track wrangler called Touch The Feel set for release next month. Our inevitably-entangled relationship with the album begins now with lead single “10 Fingers,” a wonderfully sparkling guitar-rock jam that flutters and bobs and makes the half-decade wait all sorts of worth it.

Listen to “10 Fingers” below, and get reacquainted with official word from the band: “The song serves as an invitation to the new sonic architecture of Abadabad, evolving from the lo-fi bedroom sound of The Wild EP into something more alive. The instrumentation and arrangement were inspired by the recording space. Mystic Steamship Co. in Arlington, MA (now Love Magnet in Roxbury) was a small tape studio below a salon in Arlington Center. Ian Doerr’s (producer/engineer) hyper-specific drum sounds and ‘playing’ of the tape delay create the swirling, psychedelic environment that the song lives and breathes in. “10 Fingers” was the first song to be recorded for Touch The Feel and laid the foundation for further explorations into the aesthetic and sound, both live and in the studio.”

And it’s nothing short of wonderful. Check out the new LP track list and album art below, and let “10 Fingers” run through your hair and assure you everything will be alright.


Abadabad Touch The Feel Tracklisting
“10 Fingers”
“Feeling’s Gone”
“Eighty Eighters”
“Apologizing You”
“Blazing Guns”
“Ruby Red”
“Runaway Kings (Luke’s Song)”
“Gold Rush”