Pure Vibrational: Synth duo the Golden Filter return with first new album in seven years


A million-zillion years ago, New York/London electronic-pop duo the Golden Filter destroyed indie dance floors around the globe with monster single “Solid Gold”, a confident, chic, and uber-dramatic change of pace to all the heavy-beat bangers that were at the time making the rounds. Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman have dodged in and out of our collective consciousness ever since, but this week return with a new album — their first in seven years — via Optimo Music titled STILL // ALONE.

The LP is out February 24 on digital and vinyl formats, and the first single, the moody, shifting “Vibrational” can be streamed below and on Soundcloud.

STILL // ALONE is dubbed as “a two-sided existential opus,” crafted in the United Kingdom utilizing “mostly analog ’80s instruments, machines and effects.” Side A, or STILL, dabbles in hypnotic meditation, while Side B, or ALONE, explores “the fringes of raw, odd pop.”

“Vibrational” falls on the A side, so allow it to ricochet inside your mind for a bit before we hear the rest of the album next month. It’s a nice mood setter.

If you’re still with us, watch the STILL // ALONE promo trailer below.