Halloween Forever: Margot Robbie to reprise Harley Quinn role in Gotham City Sirens


So, there’s a considerable good news/bad news element to recent developments surrounding Margot Robbie’s next DC Cinematic Universe project. Good news: it’s not Suicide Squad 2. Bad news: it’s gonna be a David Ayer-directed movie about villains, so it’s not exactly a big departure from Suicide Squad, either.

More bad news: It’s also not a Birds of Prey adaptation as previously speculated, which means it likely won’t prominently feature Barbara Gordon, my personal favorite and therefore most important character in DC comics.

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the scoop that Robbie and Ayer are cooking up a would-be blockbuster dubbed Gotham City Sirens with Geneva Robertson-Dworet composing a script. (Previously, the Wrap reported Christina Hodson had been assigned writing duties, which given Hollywood’s penchant for knocking writers on and off projects, may have been accurate at the time.)


Gotham City Sirens is a 2009 Paul Dini series in which Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy join forces to perpetuate their collective moral ambiguity. So based on the title, it appears Ivy fans who’re still bitter about Joel Schumacher’s mythically atrocious Batman and Robin from 1997 might get to see everyone’s favorite environmental terrorist wreak havoc in a better film.

Meanwhile, any information or speculation or demand whatsoever regarding a Jared Leto-helmed Joker solo movie has yet to emerge.