Video Premiere: Go face-to-face with Greek singer/harpist Sissi Rada in ‘Your Laptop’

When you stare into your laptop, what stares back? Facebook? Instagram? The worn-out masking tape over the center camera so Big Broother can’t return the icy glare? For Berlin-based Greek singer-songwriter and harpist Sissi Rada, the laptop provides a solitary portal into endless possibilities.

And for six minutes, viewed below, Rada stares back. Her new video for “Your Laptop”, which we are excited to premiere today on Vanyaland, brings the listener face-to-face with the performer, but the journey begins once the eyes close shut as Rada’s atmospheric and ambient sounds take hold.

“Time is projected as non-linear,” Rada tells Vanyaland. “An impression of eternity. A long swim in fantasy. Isn’t it how it feels like? When you sit with your laptop alone, in the dark. Only you, your face, and a thing attached to your body. It’s late, but when wasn’t it?”

The video for “Your Laptop” was directed by Meletis Koropoulis, produced by Constantinos Caravatellis, and edited by IOWNYOU ISEEYOU. The track is featured on Rada’s album debut Pragma, a two-year composition for that was finally released last month via Inner Ear Records. The record is billed as “an attempt to highlight the sensitivity of the things that surround us. It deals with the universal word ‘pragma’ and its various uses and delves into the psychic bond of modern man with symbols, symbolism and referentiality.”

Rada calls her sound “coquettish-classical-electro-doom pop,” but we just find it enchanting.

Sissi Rada featured photo by Meletis Koropoulis and Constantinos Caravetellis, courtesy of the artist.