Santa Loves California: Listen to Best Coast’s jolly holiday jam ‘Christmas And Everyday’


With the passing of Thanksgiving weekend, it’s officially Christmas Tree Decorating Season, a time of year we actually look forward to more than Christmas itself. But by now we’ve all played out Sufjan Stevens’ Songs for Christmas album, and there’s only so many times you can play King Diamond’s “No Presents For Christmas” before your life partner gets froggy.

Enter Best Coast to save the day.

Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno have penned a jolly-as-fuck tune for Amazon Kids’ American Girl holiday special Maryellen 1955, and it’s not festive, but empowering as well. Which is exactly the kind of message we all need right now.


“Writing a Christmas song for an American Girl movie was basically my dream come true,” Cosentino writes. “Bobb Bruno produced and threw down some glorious stuff to bring this song to life. Remind your young girls that they can do anything they want — on Christmas and EVERY day! Hope you like it! ????????????????????????????????????☃️.”

The tree thanks you.

Featured Beast Coast photo by Matthew Shelter for Vanyaland, from their show with the Go-Go’s at the House of Blues over the summer.