Twenty years before Party Bois inspired Siob Ytrap, they tonight release ‘Bump’

Fast forward to October 27, 2036.

The music scene is a Bochian dystopia full of retro grunge kids and classic rock overlords, and the hottest nightclub is a black neon underground bunker in the glass-building corporate bank vault ruins once known as Oak Square. Dance parties are outlawed, and all live performances must include at least six guitars, but one rogue collection of beat-head synth bandits are throwing a Halloween rager based around a new style of sounds called Siob Ytrap.

Details are sketchy, as it’s hard to receive a complete transmission in post-Trump’s Amerikkka, but the party on this night will be soundtracked the entire catalog of a band of heroes from long ago called Party Bois.

This particular party raises an Ion-X glass to gentlemen, the last brigade to renegade funk-pop slingers who attempted to fight back in the great Trump Butt Rock War of 2018-2026. Twenty years ago, they released Bump, a double-single of grooves released that night at Thunder Road Rock And Roll Bistro in Union Square’s Somerville, a space now occupied by a shopping plaza that only sells ink-dipped tiger tails.

The songs from Bump, “Touch Too Much” and “Let It Ride”, were recorded two decades ago at Converse Lair, in the old recording studio space where many battles were fought before the guitarpocalypse. This last outpost of musical freedom was overrun by Curt Schilling Jr. Jr., who as Mayor of newly formed Shawmut Empire, enforced school children to listen to nothing but Ted Nugent.

Below is Party Bois message.

It lives on when many others have not.

Let it ride.