New Scream: Listen to Big Time Kill’s mechanical cover of Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand’


Around this time in the Boston area, countless bands line up on stages from Allston Village to Davis Square to play cover sets of long-gone heroes and (in most cases) legendary rock and roll bands. We’re not sure if anyone has taken on Nick Cave over the years, but in 2016, there’s no need to, as Boston duo Big Time Kill have done the honors with a new recorded rendition of the Bad Seeds’ song “Red Right Hand”. The haunting track was originally featured on Cave’s 1994 LP Let Love In, and appeared in the original Scream films and as the theme for television show Peaky Blinders.

“I’ve been a huge Nick Cave fan for a long time now,” Big Time Kill vocalist, guitarist, and programmer Adam Schneider tells Vanyaland. “From his noisy goth-rock roots to his crooning bittersweet ballads, I think he blends darkness and light in a way that no one else does. We’re close to finishing the first full length Big Time Kill album and there’s been a lot of evolution in our sound, and Nick Cave’s been one of the artists I’ve been constantly listening to for inspiration. “Red Right Hand” is a song I’ve been meaning to cover for years, and with Halloween approaching it seemed like a good excuse to put our own spin on the macabre track while also giving a little preview of things to come on our album.

Sounds good to us. Buy and stream it via the Big Time Kill Bandcamp below, and use it to scare the shit out of track or treaters coming to your door a week from tonight.