Listen to the Griswolds’ emotive, slow-burning title track from ‘High Times For Low Lives’


Australian alt-pop group the Griswolds have a new record coming out next month, titled High Times For Low Lives, and if the slow-burner title track is any indication, it could provide a last-minute shake-up to all our Best of 2016 lists.

The new record is the Sydney band’s first since 2012’s Be Impressive. And they claim it’s a sonic leap from that debut.

“This album is quite mind blowing in its separation from the sound of #BeImpressive,” they write on Facebook. “We really challenged ourselves and dug deep to make a record that stands out, has a message, and sounds like nothing you’d expect from us.”


That’s certainly the vibe from the emotive “High Times For Low Lives”; listen to it below via Soundcloud, and order the LP before its November 11 street date here.