Video Premiere: You People deliver a noise-pop homage to Pink Floyd in ‘Deliver Me Home’

Look, we’re not exactly living on the golden age of band names. But Boston’s You People have struck gold in that department with a moniker fit to cast aspersions, accusations, and disbelief.

Once you get past the band name — and honestly, we’re fine if you get hung up on it for a bit — the four-year-old trio are found to be proper slingers of fuzz-coated indie rock, the type of swirling noise-pop that’s hooky and catchy and pillowy all at once.

Today, we’re psyched to premiere You People’s new video for “Deliver Me Home”, a guitar-rock buzzsaw that serves as the lead track off their debut album, Dropouts, due later this year. “Deliver Me Home” is the first of three new videos planned by You People until the record is out, and is a nice re-introduction to the band that’s been quietly toiling in the shadows of the Boston music scene since 2011.

“The song originally started with just the refrain over and over again — Deliver me home, deliver me home… — and I envisioned it as a gospel song about the religious kind of deliverance,” bassist/vocalist Hadley Solomon tells Vanyaland. “But as I wrote, it quickly became about anger and regret. The song is about what happens when you leave a relationship and instead of sadness or anger, you just feel a tremendous amount of resignation — relief, really.”

Adds guitarist/vocalist James Brockman: “For years Hadley worked at Logan Airport, and as this song progressed and sped faster and faster as we practiced it, it seemed to mimic a 747 taking off and landing. This is the first You People song with Hadley on lead vocals and she did such an amazing job. The video is meant to be a low budget homage to Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii. In place of ancient ruins, we pillaged archive.org for educational videos from our youth and filmed ourselves in our practice space. Close enough.”