Amazon delivering its latest TV ads with fashionable a beat from Vitalic’s ‘Poison Lips’

Every year, the commercials that air during the Major League Baseball playoffs become more and more repetitive. That’s usually a bummer when we’re force-fed lame-ass TV drama previews and annoying retail store jingles between every inning, but this year’s playoff run has a slightly hipper soundtrack.

Amazon’s new “Delivering Fashion” campaign, which seems to be running during every game, features the pulsating electronic-pop thump of Vitalic, and specifically, the French producer’s 2009 song “Poison Lips”.

For a commercial that’s described as Amazon’s attempt to “unleash an army of highly-fashionable delivery workers in this TV ad promoting Amazon Fashion,” the dance-pop selection is not only on point, but a nice reprieve from every other grating sound blaring out of our speakers. And if the Vitalic song sounds familiar, you may have heard it in the 2012 film Dredd or the soundtrack for video game Gran Turismo.

No idea why Amazon picked up on it seven years after it was first released — go listen to Vitalic’s Flashmob LP if you crave more — but we’re sure glad they did. Listen to both the Amazon cut and the full track below, and check out the remainder of Vitalic’s live appearances to close out 2016.