Allston and Somerville venues receive threatening letter before Concert Across America to End Gun Violence


Last night, more than 300 venues across the country — including more than 25 here in Massachusetts — took part in the nation-wide Concerts Across America to End Gun Violence. Before the show, Allston’s Brighton Music Hall and ONCE Ballroom in Somerville were the targets of a threatening letter sent anonymously by an alleged pro-gun supporter.

“Hey all you liberal pussy’s”, reads the letter, which showed a picture of Jackson Browne, who headlined a similar concert in New York last night. “Gun control means use both hands!!! We’re gunna drill this fucker right between the eyes!!! God Guns & Guts make America great, let’s keep all three!!!”

The letter sent to Brighton Music Hall was tweeted out before the show last night by Ryan H. Walsh of Hallelujah The Hills, and can be viewed below. The letter sent to ONCE was postmarked in Indianapolis, Vanyaland has learned.


A news segment by NECN reports that Massachusetts police are investigating who sent the letter, and copies were also sent to other venues across the country, including a club in Seattle. It’s unclear if the source targeted all of the venues that were hosting anti-gun shows last night. The participants and organizers, which included rock clubs, community spaces, churches, and police stations, were listed on the Concert Across America’s website in the weeks leading up to the events.

Last night’s threat was taken seriously by Boston police, who were positioned outside Brighton Music Hall along Brighton Avenue as it unfolded. No incidents were reported.

Watch NECN’s video report below.


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