Jason Trefts of Illegally Blind Presents removed from post as Middle East booking agent


There’s another booking shake-up at the Middle East in Cambridge, as Jason Trefts announced this morning he has been removed of his post as talent buyer. His last day is September 30.

Trefts, who also books shows as Illegally Blind Presents and is the creator and organizer of the annual Fuzzstival rock and psych showcase, started the gig in December 2014.

In a post on Facebook, Trefts writes that he had “some fundamental disagreements” with the Cambridge rock club, but did not go into details.


He writes:

“In two weeks, I will no longer be the booking agent for Mid East Up. We had some fundamental disagreements about shows, and I was let go. Booking shows can be fun but there are many things about the ‘business’ that make me nauseous. I feel good about standing my ground but also wonder how much more I could have accomplished there if I approached some things a little differently. You take what you can from situations like these and hope that the stress and frustration was worth it on some level — it’s a ‘learning experience’ or something like that. I remain focused on putting my energy into helping build things that I believe in, and know that if I try my best to be honest, generous and kind I will be happy with who I am regardless of if I am approved of by people that don’t have the same goals as me.”

We’ve reached out to the Middle East for comment. Stay tuned.