Corey Feldman dresses like Kylo Ren and delivers very strange ‘Today’ show performance


Remember when Corey Feldman rolled up to that minor league ballpark on ’80s night and delivered a sexed-up live performance? That was awesome.

Yesterday, the actor and musician hit up the Today show to perform once again with his Angels backing band, giving the nation a very odd performance dressed somewhat like Kylo Ren. He dabs at the beginning, sings a song we think is maybe about twerking, and busts out some Michael Jackson-esque dance moves (because of course he does).

We love this man.


Feldman explains to the hosts that his new album — a double album! — is all about the struggle between good and evil, something the 45-year-old Stand By Me actor knows quite a bit about. The song — a dubstep, electronic number called “Go 4 It” that sounds like a mix of t.A.T.u. and Marilyn Mason before Doc Ice steps up and delivers a guest rap — is, unfortunately, not his finest work. And that is a shame, because we did enjoy his previous single, a beat-thumper called “Ascension Millennium” that somehow synced up, in our minds at least, with Disney’s Electrical Parade theme.

You keep being you, Corey Feldman. We wish half the world had your conviction.