Get Home Safely: Listen to MYZICA’s dreamy, synth-pop cover of the Cars’ classic ‘Drive’

If The Cars released 1984 pop hit “Drive” in 2016, the answer to the burning question in the chorus would likely be Uber or Lyft or, if the hometown pride truly burns through you, Fasten. But back in the ’80s we didn’t have any sort of ride-sharing, so the notion of exactly who is going to take you home tonight was a bit romantic. Or foreboding, depending on where you were hanging out.

Nashville alt-pop duo MYZICA want to re-connect with that long-lost mystery, and this week have released a cover of “Drive” that takes us back to a simpler time while revving up the dream-pop mysticism and synth-pop yearning. Singer Isaaca Byrd fills in admirably for The Cars’ Ben Orr, while Micah Tawlks’ production gives the track a modern shine. It feels familiar but updated, and that’s the best kind of cover.

“Drive” is the third single off the group’s upcoming debut album Love & Desire, which is out September 9. The record release party goes down August 30 on the rooftop of Acme Feed and Seed in Nashville.