Watch members of Figures On A Beach perform ‘No Stars’ live for the first time in 24 years


Sometimes magic happens on a Monday night in Allston and you wake up on Tuesday and wish you accepted the invite. Then you wake up on Wednesday and see that someone captured the magic — on video, at least — and the regret grows stronger as it wrestles with appreciation that someone stepped up and documented it.

That magic, in this case, comes from Great Scott, where during a Sean Drinkwater solo set, the Lifestyle/Freezepop multi-instrumentalist was joined by Figures On A Beach members Anthony Kaczynski and Chris Ewen.

Together, the trio performed the 1987 single “No Stars”, off the Detroit/Boston new wave band’s Standing On Ceremony LP. Ewen writes online that it was the first time that song has been performed live by a configuration of the band since 1992.

Watch John Doherty’s fan-filmed video of the performance below, and check out the original version of “No Stars”, in glorious MTV-video form, here.