Throwin’ A Bash: Dropkick Murphys announce Irish Fest lineup, a night of boxing and music


We’ll be honest, we’re surprised the Dropkick Murphys didn’t make an appearance on stage with Pearl Jam at Fenway Park over the weekend. But maybe that was because the boys were busy finalizing the lineup of their next party, a boxing-and-music throwdown called Irish Fest that’s set for September 17 at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion.

The bash, which was first teased back in May, promises two stages of music, with appearances by James Fearnley of The Pogues, Blood or Whiskey from Dublin, Old Brigade, The Have Nots, and others, as well as a full card of boxing.

Tickets appear to be priced between $29.75 and $49.75, and are on sale now.


Check the poster for all the info.