Single Premiere: The Susan Constant return from the real world with ‘I’ve Got Friends’

Like a true ghost ship sailing across the Atlantic, it had seemed as if The Susan Constant had disappeared. But today, the Boston indie rock band resurface with their first track in a hot minute, the ’90s alt-rock-infused “I’ve Got Friends.”

The vibrant guitar-pop song will be featured on The Susan Constant’s new EP, Wherever It Is You Are Now, recorded at Ugly Duck Studios with Nick Grieco, due out this fall. They’ll be previewing tracks from it September 8 at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston on a Lysten Boston bill with Miami band SunGhosts, with the EP release party arriving later this fall (November 12) at the Middle East in Cambridge.

“[We] have been idle the last 18 months getting married, having babies, going to grad-school, and doing other adult-like things,” says keyboardist Jim Bernat. “‘I’ve Got Friends’ really reflects on some of these adult events that we’ve experienced in our lives — notably charging into future challenges (marriage, babies), knowing that they might be scary, but are eminently doable with a good support network of friends. And not looking back on how things may have played out differently — being confident in the belief that you’ve made the right decisions, despite what Jesus Jones says.

The Susan Constant’s new EP also marks a turning point for the band, which for the first time has brought in some “outside ears” to help produce. “We’ve been set in our ways of writing and recording in our rehearsal space, that it was refreshing to team up with Nick on this EP,” Bernat adds. “His input and expertise on the compositions from early on in the writing process all the way through laying down tracks at Ugly Duck Studios this spring really helped define what you ultimately hear on this EP.”

Get the first taste of it below.

Susan Constant Friends