New Dawn Tastes: This bar sign advertises that known pleasure of Red Bull and vodka

Joy Division’s landmark debut album, Unknown Pleasures, turns 37 years old next Wednesday (June 15), and by now we’ve seen the iconic pulsar album artwork depicted on every bit of media and other merchandise imaginable, from here to Disneyland.

Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre has now spotted the design not just on t-shirts around the globe, but across the bar — literally. Newcombe, who is currently touring the United Kingdom with his band (they played Glasgow last night), posted a photo to Twitter showing the Unknown Pleasures artwork hawking Red Bull and vodka from an undisclosed nightclub. We won’t make any sort of jokes about getting wings.

Check his pics below. Joy Division co-founder Peter Hook responded, tweeting: “Seen it all now!”

It appears pop culture has lost control again.

For the back story on the design, utilized by Factory Records’ Peter Saville for the Joy Division album that launched a million t-shirt designs, click here. Brian Jonestown Massacre play Newcastle tonight, and Peter Hook & the Light return to Boston later this year for a November 26 show at the Sinclair in Cambridge.

Replies Hooky…