Flori-durr: Boston rapper OG Swaggerdick keeps it political with new banger ‘Jeb Bush’


A few weeks back OG Swaggerdick gave America the true political anthem it deserved in “We Don’t Need Donald Trump As Our President” (apologies to Scott Isbell and “Trumpified”).

Now, the Boston rapper — part of a massive wave of talent that’s putting the city on a national pedestal with Michael Christmas, Cousin Stizz, and others — is throwing down a full EP of politically-minded tunes, and the latest is an ode to former Presidential hopeful and all around sad sack Jeb Bush. It’s called, appropriately enough, “Jeb Bush”, and after you’re done listening to it below via OG’s Soundcloud, you probably won’t need to be prompted to “please clap”.

OG’s full EP, Swaggerdick2016, dropped April 19, and other song titles include “Dick Cheney”, “Fuck Ann Coulter”, and Stacy Dash”. His instant anthem and aforementioned “We Don’t Need Donald Trump As Our President” opens the record, and you can DL the entire thing for free here.


Here’s some promo hype: “The Young Dyke Thespian is back with a tell-all! Revealing the truths of America & Its Republican Figures, OG seeks equality and love for all! With hard-hitting production entirely by OG Swaggerdick himself the tape is filled with engaging chants & rare melodies, enjoy!”

Get it.